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Universe GIS 2.7.1

2.7.1 Universe GIS Release - Q1 2019, xd, xc and xweb

Further to customer Steering Group 2018 feedback and ongoing Ordnance Survey map format changes, this release focuses on the inclusion of What3Words integration for more accurate location intelligence and also supporting the new OS Vector Map Local and OS MasterMap version 9.

Universe GIS 2.7.1 introduces What3Words search functionality into xc and xWeb. Unanimous feedback at the GIS Steering groups suggested that the integration would add massive value to the Control Room. This is especially valuable as callers can provide their accurate three word position in the absence of an address or other landmark and xc could show the position on the map to facilitate the dispatching of resources.  

Better map data support: NPS Universe will now support OS VectorMap Local and District and OS MasterMap version 9. Additionally NPS have included support for OS 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster and OS OpenMap Local.

In xd - we have added Government Security Classifications and also the ability for users to create and use their own Force specific internal security marking scheme for classifying information assets.

For further information about what has been included in this release, please refer to the 2.7.1 Release Notes

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