Universe GIS 2.7.2

Northgate Public Services is pleased to announce that Universe GIS 2.7.2 will be available from end of March 2020

Further to customer insight and feedback via the Steering Group sessions this release focuses on:

  • Customer driven what3words (w3w) enhancements in xc - the addition of auto-suggestions, a dockable window of search results and other w3w-centric operations including saving search results, routing to w3w location and creating concentric circles
  • Customer led Improvements in xc - dockable windows for routing panel, w3w and Compass search, clearing all routes in xc when closing the panel, copy functionality from showing a coordinate location and a marker for Centre to Coordinates functionality
  • The introduction of Internationalisation in xWeb - the ability to render OpenStreetMap for non UK locations and show international point data in a Linked External Class
  • Further enhancements of xWeb - including hide/load map, bulk unload of classes and analyses and multi feature selection

Additionally we have:

  • Added central image management for images and icons in xc, xd and xWeb
  • Removed Oracle Java support in favour of Adopt OpenJDK
  • De-supported FOxi, xi, RMI Server, Callsign Manager, xcWebstart and xReplayWebstart
  • Included updates to Web Feature Services for more 3rd party integration

For further information about what has been included in this release, please refer to the 2.7.2 Release Notes.

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