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Fast and accurate verification and administration of Test and Trace Support Payments

Our end-to-end eligibility service helps you ensure fast and efficient payments for both the national scheme and your own local support.

Fast, accurate and efficient payments

Our Test and Trace Support Payment service can administer both the national scheme and your own discretionary payments in one. Working in line with Central Government criteria and your own internal policies and processes, our highly skilled team reviews information provided by the applicant and cross-checks it at every stage to reject or confirm eligibility. With telephone services available for assisted digital applications and general enquiries, we help to ensure that all eligible citizens can access the support that they need.

Key benefits:

  • Efficient verification for national and local schemes
  • Telephone support for general enquiries and applications
  • Signposting citizens to other possible entitlements
  • Working to your policies and procedures
  • Proven experience of administering eligibility based support schemes
  • Full reporting available for those not involved operationally

End-to-end eligibility checks

Our five-step service is designed to both meet the national scheme’s three-day turnaround and to prevent erroneous or fraudulent claims. 1. Review completeness. We first check that all required evidence has been provided, including the 8 digit Test and Trace reference number, bank statement, proof of benefits, and proof of employment or self-employment. 2. Validate Test and Trace. Using data from Contact Tracing and Advice Service (CTAS), we match each unique ID to that used by the applicant. We also check that people who have received multiple IDs are only making one application in the same self-isolation period. 3. Check benefit eligibility. Using our own access to Searchlight and your revenues and benefits system, we confirm receipt of any relevant benefit. 4. Confirm employment/self-employment. Working to your procedures, we will verify that the applicant is employed or self-employed and also eligible for support, for example because they cannot work contact-free and because their income is affected by the need to self-isolate. 5. Make payments. Our team has experience of multiple payment platforms, so we can manage payments on your behalf through BACS payment via your revenues and benefits system. Or we can simply confirm who is eligible so you can manage the fulfilment process internally.

Matching local policies and procedures

At every stage, we will align to your ways of working. For example, if the initial application is incomplete you can either reject it or ‘hold’ it while we make contact with the citizen to obtain what’s missing. We can also incorporate your own discretionary payment procedures, checking eligibility and providing telephone support so you can administer both national and local schemes efficiently.

Extended advice and support

Our experience administering all kinds of national, local and emergency support schemes makes us uniquely well placed to offer trusted support. As we review each application, we can signpost citizens to alternative support, for example advising those who are ineligible that they may be entitled to a benefit, helping to support people who might otherwise face hardship.

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