Revenues & Benefits

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On allows users who have been authenticated using your corporate identity provider to log on to NPS Revenues & Benefits without the having re-enter a username and password.

Users will no longer need to remember their R & B password.

Seamless experience

Single Sign On (SSO) improves the user experience by providing immediate, seamless access to NPS R&B. It increases security as users only have a single password to remember, reducing the likelihood of storing it insecurely and improving the chance of it being strong.

User Authentication can be configured to talk to a range of identity providers such as Microsoft ADFS and AzureAD, or you can talk to us about using an alternative provider.

Using Citizen Access?

If you're using Citizen Access - Revenues or Benefits, you may also be interested in looking at Citizen Access - Integration. This enables your customers to login directly to Citizen Access via a corporate web site account. If you have any questions about how we can help, please chat with your account manager.

Improved user experience

Immediate access to the system without needing to sign-in again

Reduced support calls

Prevents users from needing to remember multiple passwords, reducing support calls for people needing password resets

Speeds up access

Quick access to NPS Revenues & Benefits improves productivity

Improves security capability

Users only have one password to remember, so are less likely to store them insecurely

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