NPS xWeb

Extend the benefits of your GIS investment

NPS xWeb makes it easy to share geospatial information across your whole organisation, improving operational awareness and enabling better planning and decision-making.

Maximising the benefits

NPS xWeb takes operational and analytical data and maps from within NPS xd and makes them instantly accessible to non-specialists. This means analysts can share important or sensitive visual representations with decision makers over a web link and enable faster operational action.

Easy access to accurate data

xWeb links directly to your live control room feed to give you a real-time picture of resource availability and incident location, and the intuitive interface allows even occasional users to quickly find and view the information they need.

With full integration to our Compass gazetteer, and what3words , it’s easy to plot addressable data and make a real difference to situational awareness.

Efficient GIS management

NPS xWeb is part of our Universe GIS platform, so data works across all the components, and permission-based access means you can maintain control while avoiding unnecessary investment in extra maps or infrastructure. A toolkit version can also be embedded in your in-house applications, embedding accurate location data into everyday working.

Features & Benefits

Shares data with xc and xd to enable more informed decision-making

Creates a single, efficient platform and provides a consolidated view of your GIS estate

Uses our OGC-compliant webservices to access all data and maps

Quick and easy to deploy

Optional module for Operational Policing Reporting Areas (OPRA)

The OPRA module for xWeb allows police forces to understand where their resources were at any given time. By looking retrospectively at how demand was met, analysts can support a range of operational tasks including accurate reporting on neighbourhood policing management and officer action.

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