NPS xc

Visualising operational activity for busy Control Rooms

NPS xc is used in conjunction with Command and Control systems in police, fire and ambulance control rooms to direct the most effective resources to incidents

Better decisions

NPS xc provides clear, up to date visualisations of incident and resource data so that control room operators can make informed decisions during dispatch.

As well as delivering a fast and efficient response that prioritises officer and public safety, xc also supports effective resource planning for large events and serious incidents.

Emergency services-specific routing

xc’s routing algorithm uses up-to-date OS Highways data to map the road network which is then combined with officer capability data to obtain the optimum resource and route.

Users can also add road closures, amend route speeds, apply exclusion zones and use emergency routing that enables resources to use the quickest and most efficient route.

Complete picture

Integration to EISEC will show the caller’s position accurately, whether from a landline, mobile or vehicle, enabling the control room to pinpoint and dispatch the most suitable resource to the caller’s exact location.

xc also allows you to create spatial areas (geofences), sending vital location intelligence to control room staff as officers pass through them or when an incident occurs in a key location.

If you need to review historic data, xc’s module, xReplay, then enables playback of the live control room view at the time of an incident, allowing detailed analysis and supporting improvement in response via the data logging and reporting tools.

Features & Benefits

Disatches the right resources to the right place, safely

Flexible configuration so you can tailor it to your needs

Advanced filters show the most relevant data

Takes operational data from xd to ensure interoperabiliity

Supports effective resource planning for large events and serious incidents

Enables storage and re-playing of past incidents

Makes vehicle AVLS information such as speed and bearing easily visible, instantly

In detail

With NPS xc, you can:

  • Easily and intuitively apply mapping layers and quickly access user favourites or frequently used
  • Track vehicles during pursuits and/or centre the map on a specific incident or resource
  • Look up, plot and route to a what3words location
  • Integrate with your gazetteer get immediate access to locations of interest, e.g. plotting properties in the vicinity of an incident that hold Firearms licences.
  • Filter the map on specific resource types
  • Monitor ongoing resource coverage “Replay” historic events to review the actions taken

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