Product Summary

NPS TaP - Tickets and Permits

NPS TaP is a highly configurable suite of tools for a range of enforcement tasks including parking and permit management.

The solution allows for real-time data exchange of permit and ticket details with the back office throughout the entire life cycle. Mobile enabled and web-based, it works via 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi communication networks.

Fully hosted in the cloud means we take on the provision and the support of all the required IT infrastructure hardware and software licences. All back office functionality can be accessed through any PC or tablet computer that has a connection to the internet. The solution allows other types of data to be captured on mobile devices to support other 'in the field' activities, such as street monitoring or maintenance.

Three core product modules

Tickets: Manages data collected from hand-written tickets, mobile computer ticket prints and ANPR camera triggers through to appeals processing and any court system and bailiff action. The fully integrated system manages incoming/outgoing correspondence and makes it easy for customers to make online appeals and/or view and pay any outstanding fines.

Permits: Allows vehicle permits and non-vehicle licences to be securely issued along with full financial reconciliation and reporting. Configurable webpages allow applications from the public (including the supply of evidence) to go immediately into a workflow queue. Validation activity and processing rules can be fully tailored to follow existing and/or re-engineered processes.

Mobile: Captures data in line with the relevant parking legislation or guidelines in place at each individual enforcement location, including RTA84, RTA91, TMA2004, POPLA and IAC. Data is synchronised with the back office at defined intervals, over Wi-Fi or mobile networks like 3G or 4G, enabling enforcement officers to manage information on the move.

At a glance:

Highly configurable suite of tools

Real time data exchange

Fully hosted in the cloud

Mobile enabled and

Supports 'in the field' enforcement in other areas

Simple online access for customer payments / appeals

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