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The design of the Revenues and Benefits user front end has given NEC the opportunity to incorporate innovative functionality including SMS text messaging.

NEC offer a range of text-based services to Local Authorities

Text can provide quick interactive communication and can effectively deliver an alternative front end to the key data and processes in our applications

NEC have provided the means to hold relevant SMS details against an individual in order that SMS messages can be sent to that person as part of an individual communication OR as part of a bulk output which includes:-

· Special Arrangement Payment Reminder

· Debtors Invoice Payment Reminder

· Instalment Payment Reminder

· Generic SMS

· Discount Review

· Pended Claims

· Calculated Claims

The software has been configured to pass the text messages in the appropriate format for Esendex, EE, Text Anywhere, O2 or GOV.UK Notify to dispatch. If a Local Authority wishes to use another SMS provider this can be developed however there would be an additional charge.

"Since the introduction of the SMS module in 2017 we have noticed a significant decrease in the volume of paper reminders being issued. Customers are responding promptly on receipt of the SMS and paying the outstanding balance, this has reduced postage and increased revenue for the authority . A very easy and effective product to use."

~ Emma Dalton, IT and Performance Officer, Torfaen County Borough Council

Business Reasons

● Improving speed of contact to citizen and reducing cost of communication

● Adopting methods of communication that are customer focused and pro-active mailings.

● Text is the most inclusive modern communication aid

● Accelerate Cash Flow and prevent further action on claims/accounts

Local Authorities may already have arrangements with SMS providers to be able to send text messages, however this would not be integrated into the back office system and held on the claim or account. Also the bulk text messaging would not be available without this module.

"Using the SMS module allows us to engage with our customers instantly, reducing postal costs and dealing with them more efficiently. In the case of overdue payments, 25% of customers make a payment before the need to send a physical reminder."

~ David Jack, Senior Systems Officer, Dundee City Council.

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