NEC Screening Service

Simply subscribe for the service and let us take care of the rest.

We are introducing a new program that will deliver on the doctor’s behalf, a professional screening and immunisation service through our 1-stop newborn screening program.

Newborn Screening Service

The service will be accessible through simply clicking a link to our website or by calling us. As a paediatrician or a gynaecologist, all you need to do is click and set up an appointment for the baby’s screening. From that point on, we will arrange for the screening and provide you and the parents with notification of the outcome.

Services that doctors can provide for all their babies:

  • Bloodspot Screening
  • Hearing Screening
  • Physical Screening, including congenital heart conditions
  • Vaccination Management
  • Easy to use mobile and desktop app which you and parents can use to record/access all of the screening results as well as vaccination records and more

Features of Babycare App

  • Record/Access all baby data including screening, vaccination, growth records etc.
  • Track baby’s growth through dynamic growth chart
  • Vaccination Schedule manager and alerts
  • Notifications and alerts for screening results
  • Reminder set up
  • Knowledge hub - articles to help the mother learn and stay informed on what to expect during the baby’s growth stages
  • Online consultation (Upcoming)
  • Online appointment (Upcoming)

Benefits to Parents

  • Access to affordable high-quality Screening, Vaccination services and Doctor consultation at a single place
  • Access to baby data (Screening tests, Vaccination schedules, Growth chart etc.) any time of the day
  • Handy access to tips, advice and guidance to help the parents take care of their baby’s growth development
  • Auto alerts and notification to remind parents of the upcoming appointments
  • View all doctor prescriptions through a single window
  • Ability to communicate with doctors online (chat service)

Key benefits to Doctors:

Provide a full Newborn Screening service to all your babies without the worry of how you can provide it

Babycare mobile app providing a life-time record of the baby’s screening results, immunisation records, information and articles etc.

24x7 access to a baby’s data including Screening and Vaccination details

Increased revenue through sale of the Service and App, and enabling more patient visits

Ability to communicate with patients online (chat service)

Automated reminders transferring the responsibility of screening and immunisation to patient

Patient data secured using advanced security controls and standards

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