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NEC OptoMize was designed by clinicians to streamline the full retinal screening pathway. It supports 75% of NHS diabetic eye screening programmes in England as well as five national schemes from Ireland to New Zealand.

The result of 25 years’ experience in diabetic eye screening, NEC OptoMize helps you work accurately, safely and efficiently every step of the way.

State of the art image manipulation and grading tools help to accurately identify retinopathy and maculopathy. The intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to administer clinics and patient records. And its extensive functionality enables you to manage far more of your data within the system, strengthening failsafe procedures and reducing manual processing.

  • Streamlined management of clinics, appointments and patient correspondence
  • Images taken direct from the camera to minimise error and delay
  • Users alerted to missed information to keep coverage high
  • Advanced automation reduces risk and improves patient care
  • 24/7 access to your data and a full suite of built-in reports

NEC OptoMize

in numbers:


NEC OptoMize is continually updated so that you can stay focused on patients. Our latest release introduced fast filtering of patient data by demographics and pathway status, so you can quickly target individual or custom groups of patients for follow up.


Intuitive for screeners, graders and administrators alike, minimising training needs.


Advanced image manipulation tools support accurate review and grading, and images captured offline can be uploaded automatically when back on site.


Slick workflow minimises risk by ensuring that patients and their data are sent in the right direction at the right time, for example for grading or for an urgent hospital referral.


Ensure no one is left behind with a fully automated patient pathway, for example moving patients on to the next procedure or reactivating a patient after a temporary suspension.


Import data from GP systems to support accurate coverage and from Ophthalmology departments to improve referral tracking and reduce re-keying. You can also connect with patients through online booking and advanced text messaging.


Configuration can be adjusted to support deployment in hospitals, health centres and high street optometrists, in mobile or fixed locations. Install on local servers or use our secure, hosted service.

24/7 access to your data

NEC OptoMize offers everything you need to monitor performance and deliver truly failsafe services. Its 30+ built-in reports provide instant access to accurate analysis, like on appointment uptake by GP or persistent non-attendance. Your business analysts can also create custom reports and export the data to suit their needs, but if you need extra support our expert team is here to help.


NEC OptoMize comes with a range of additional modules to help you get the most from the solution:


Free up time for service improvement by automatically booking patients into clinics based on configurable rules, like same time and day as last year.


Use real-time connections to clinics to allow patients to book appointments online 24/7 on any device. You also also provide links to additional information via


Text individual patients or a whole clinic when appointments are booked, cancelled or updated, saving money and improving attendance rates.


Allow GPs and other healthcare professionals to access an online, read-only version of NEC OptoMize to view patient images, appointments, letters and results.


Manage patients requiring OCT imaging to assess and monitor maculopathy on a distinct pathway, with an enhanced grading form and automated workflow for recall or referral.


Automatically code patients as red, amber or green to monitor referrals and treatment. Add invitations, examinations and treatments to patients’ records.


Allocate slots according to bookings, availability and the latest stats on appointments attended, cancelled and missed.

case study


North Central London Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (NCL-DESP)

Delivered by the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, the NCL-DESP provides diabetic eye screening services for the London Boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington.

Managing 85,000 active patients, 15 static screening sites and a mobile unit, the team has used NPS OptoMize since 2005. With over 130 users, it enables the smooth running of the programme day to day and helps to drive continuous improvement.

Buki Asanbe, Failsafe IT Manager, explains “NEC OptoMize is incredibly easy to use and the automated alerts mean no patient gets left behind. The software is continually updated too, which means we can keep improving the service.

One of the biggest benefits is the built-in reports which provide instant access to accurate information. They’re used extensively to help maximise coverage, like siting the mobile screening unit in areas where attendance rates are low.

“The reporting tools in NEC OptoMize are great and give us real confidence in the data,” says Buki. “In just a few clicks, I can break down attendance or exclusion rates by GP and even drill down to individual records.”

Buki sees the software as essential to their success: “NEC OptoMize helps us to deliver an efficient, reliable and safe service for patients, and with continued investment I know there’s more benefits to come.”

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