NEC Housing Online

Taking self-service to the next level

With simple screens that display clearly on any device, NEC Housing Online provides 24/7 access to a whole range of services. By helping your customers to find information, request repairs or manage payments with ease, it delivers great customer service at significantly lower cost.

NEC Housing Online

NEC Housing Online is the next generation of self-service solutions. Built for ease of use on any device and with full integration to the back office, it’s designed to get as many customers as possible to take control and free up more staff time as they do.

Quick and easy access

With a great look and feel and screens that adapt automatically for tablets, smartphones or PCs, NEC Housing Online provides tenants with quick and simple access to information, however and wherever they want. Customers can log into NEC Housing Online using a social media account, such as Facebook or Twitter, or using a corporate website account.

Reduced Costs

Transactions completed online are around 20 times cheaper than those managed by phone, making self- service a great option to deliver better services on limited budgets.

And with NEC Housing Online covering all high-volume activities you can offer instant customer service, free up staff to support people and deliver a quick return on your investment.

Comprehensive solution

NEC Housing Online enables your customers to sign up, make contact, request repairs, complete applications and manage their accounts, all with no manual intervention from staff.

Payments are simplified, with transaction histories, bills, and direct debit information - including for service charges - available at the touch of a button.

Maintenance information is shown on a summary screen from which customers can request a repair, chase progress or review planned activity for communal areas as well as homes.

People can submit or amend housing applications, find out if they’re eligible to join a waiting list, request advice and even respond to consultations. All screens have a common look and feel and the theme can be easily configured to match in- house style.

Full Integration

Unlike standalone self-service solutions, NEC Housing Online is fully integrated to the back office. It means no re-keying and no costly integration, making it an ideal solution for staff and customers alike.

Key benefits:

Fully integrated with NEC Housing, so no re-keying of data

Improved customer service, with a single point of contact

Reduces avoidable contact

Staff freed up to focus on higher valuetasks

Information is quickly and easily available on a range of devices

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