NEC Housing CRM

Putting the customer at the heart of housing

Providing instant access to essential information about your customers, NEC Housing CRM helps you to deliver faster, more consistent services. It enables you to deal more effectively with day to day engagements and gives you the insight to be more proactive. You can resolve more queries at the first point of contact, helping you to provide a great customer experience at lower cost.

NEC Housing CRM

NEC Housing CRM gives you a customer-centric view. It provides the ability to recognise and manage the diversity of customer needs and helps to build more positive relationships. It means staff can deliver a great service instantly and continue to improve it every day.

360° view

NEC Housing CRM provides a single view of your customers and activity related to them. Anyone in your organisation can engage with a customer and deliver a consistent level of service. With instant access to information, they can quickly understand the customer’s situation and specific needs so that they feel more engaged and you can resolve their issues more quickly.

Improving the customer experience

As new contacts are recorded, NEC Housing CRM improves the customer experience by guiding them through a scripted process that is routed depending on the responses given. It means customers are quickly directed to a resolution and provided with a consistent service, regardless of the channel of contact.

It’s easy to assign tasks to other people and to track activity, keeping staff focused on delivery rather than chasing progress. Tasks are prioritised so staff can quickly see what they need to focus on. The cost of follow- up activity also goes down as more and more queries can be resolved first time.

Campaign Management

NEC Housing CRM enables you to manage campaigns from start to end.

Communications can be targeted to groups of customers defined by a range of variables, such as where they live, their arrears status, the type of property they live in, and so on. Communications can be created, sent and tracked within NEC Housing CRM.

You can quickly and easily see what level of response a communication has had and refine future communications based on an understanding of what works best. This powerful tool ensures that communications are relevant to the recipients, making it more likely that they will engage and respond as required.

You can manage communications received via social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. It's fully integrated, so messages are displayed within NEC Housing so staff can quickly respond to customer comments.

Agile Working

NEC Housing CRM is a device responsive module for NEC Housing. Staff can access customer information wherever they are and on any device, making it easier than ever for your staff to support customers while they are on the move.

Integral to NEC Housing

Unlike standalone CRM solutions, NEC Housing CRM is an integral part of NEC Housing. It means that staff can view and update data and access processes from across NEC Housing while they are recording a contact. For example, a customer may wish to know their account balance, log a repair or create a repayment agreement.

Staff can immediately access this information while they are managing the customer interaction, helping you work more efficiently while improving customer service.

Key benefits:

Comprehensive picture of every customer and their interaction with your organisation

Create, send and track targeted communications with campaign management

Enables you to get it ‘right first time’, reducing cost through faster resolution of queries

No need for costly integration, as with stand- alone CRM solutions

Puts the customer at the centre of what you do

Enables improved, consistent customer engagement

Enables access to customer information on any device for staff on the move

Automatic tracking of tasks and follow-up activity

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