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Welcome note from Dr. Rajgopal

The Registry conducted under the auspices of the Indian Society of Hip and Knee surgeons has come of age. Started in 2007, the registry from modest beginnings has now a database of over 250,000 cases. This contributes significantly to demographics and current usage of the various types of knee and hip implants currently used in the country.

We are proud of the fact that this registry is being run by the Northgate group that amongst others runs the UK registry. We are also proud of the fact that we have been elected as an Associate Member of the International Registry Group. We believe that the registry is a key integral part of the growing numbers of Knee and Hip Arthroplasty in the country, and have been in dialogue with the Government of India under the auspices of the Aushmann Bharat and The Ministry of Health requesting acceptance and documentation of the same in the Government Sector. We have received very positive support for the same.

We encourage all our Arthroplasty colleagues to join and support the registry initiative. We are convinced this will soon be the backbone of information and database for arthroplasty surgeons in the country and the region in the years to come.

We invite all surgeons to come forward and join us in our efforts to make this even more robust. Ashok Rajgopal Group Chairman

Medanta Institute of Musculoskeletal Diseases, and Orthopaedics

Message from Registry Director Dr. Vaidya

Dear Member,

IJR or Indian Joint Registry has been part of epoch making journey, of which I had the fortune to be associated from 2004. In fact, within the four walls of Mumbai Hotel’s historical room, we dared to be different on all topics, spurned & looked upon with disdain. And what meteoric plight! With the world’s biggest Registry organisers at the helm,( NJR, U.K.), IJR is growing as a massive banyan, free for entering even, once-in-while hip & knee replacement surgeon. With a smart App & a smarter group of IT professionals, it is becoming a movement, which is acknowledged by “PMO & Niti Ayog”. It whisker away from becoming an official body of GOI, & proving to be a template for all surgical specialities, for their Registries. Come, be a part of History! Shrinand V. Vaidya Registry Director DR.S.V.VAIDYA,M.S.FACS(USA)

Hip & Knee Arthritis Clinic Visiting Joint Replacement Surgeon: Global,Hinduja Healthcare, Sir H.N.Reliance, Breach Candy Hospitals Professor Of Orthopaedic Surgery - King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, #608, Dept Of Orthopaedic Surgery, Multistoreye Building, Parel, MUMBAI, INDIA 400012

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