ISHKS’ joint registry vision goes online – The Indian Joint Registry successfully pilots across seven Indian hospitals

"Earlier this year, the ISHKS took a significant step when they announced the launch of the Indian Joint Registry, an online registry that would turn the joint registry project into a world-class online system, the likes of which only a few countries boast of. Partnering with Northgate Public Services (who run the UK’s National Joint Registry), to develop the Indian Joint Registry (IJR), the new online system went live in June 2016, with a pilot launch across seven hospitals in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. The system is a comprehensive application which is easy to use and allows cases to be registered securely.

I am very pleased to see the early success of the pilot and would like to thank my colleagues and their staff who have been involved in diligently registering cases in the system. I look forward to the first set of analysis on this new data set and for everyone to see the value that the IJR brings so that the system can be made available to a much wider set of surgeons very soon. This is a landmark step in our journey to create a truly national registry that gives us important information about surgeries across India, and to develop our understanding of long-term outcomes for our patients.”

- Dr. Javahir A. Pachore Managing Trustee, ISHKS

A step towards building an evidence-based joint replacement practice in India - The Indian Joint Registry Pilot

On 9th April 2016 at the annual meeting of the Indian Society for Hip and Knee Surgery (ISHKS), Dr Javahir Pachore announced the signing of a partnership agreement between ISHKS and Northgate Public Services (NPS) to implement a pilot project for the Indian Joint Registry. The purpose of the pilot was to develop a high-end technology platform suitable for use in India and to develop the necessary processes within hospitals to ensure that the data can be collected efficiently.

Implementing the IJR pilot

Working closely with Dr Javahir A. Pachore and Dr Rajesh Maniar, the NPS team developed a high-end technology to collect inputs from six consultants working across seven hospitals in India. Indian manufacturers and suppliers of implant devices were also involved in order to add their implant devices to the existing component database.

With the system in place, on-site training was provided to the hospital staff who were responsible for the high-end technology platform. Using this solution, hospital staff could start submitting operation details to the IJR. NPS’ Mumbai team have provided support to the users throughout the pilot, addressing technical queries and monitoring data quality.

“The Indian Joint Registry system has a very user-friendly interface and a seamless work-flow process. In the last three months, fetching orthopaedic manufacturer component data has become fast and easy owing to the huge repository of products in the system. The user support from Northgate Public Services has been exceptional,” said Anvesha Dave, office manager at ISHKS.

The system accepts data via a web-based application and it takes only a few minutes to enter the data. The IJR has access to a comprehensive library of components so the user only has to enter the product code for each component for the system to recognise it. The database also holds information about each component, such as brand, size, material, cemented/uncemented, and modular/Monobloc. This reduces the time spent in submitting surgery details and ensures good data quality, further enhancing the application’s ability to provide detailed analysis of implant use.

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