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Housing Benefits Subsidy Workbook - saves you more time

What is it?

This is 2-part functionality; extract subsidy data from the NPS Benefits application, and auto-load the data into an excel spreadsheet.

Why use it?

The Subsidy Claim is a high priority work activity for any Housing Benefits department. Any issues with the completion, submission, or audit of the claim form can lead to a costly delay or even reduction in that income. The completion of a Subsidy Claim is a complex procedure and the Subsidy Workbook will significantly reduce that complexity and the workload.

The Subsidy Workbook is not just for the final claim form submission it can also be used for in-year monitoring and reconciliation, saving you even more time.

It's a real time saver. No more laborious completion of spreadsheets for our subsidy claim. The Northgate Public Services subsidy workbook populates the fields automatically and you can then drill behind each cell for details of all claims."

~ Alison Cole, Benefits Manager at Cambridge City Council

How does it work?

You run the process SUB077 in NPS Benefits which produces 12 data files, you then open the Subsidy Workbook and click on the start import button. You will be asked for the directory containing the data files and then the data is automatically loaded into the spreadsheet for you.

What do I do once the data is imported?

That’s it! The subsidy claim form is auto-populated as well as all the payment/overpayment reconciliation tabs. You can drill-down to individual claims and values and you can also record any manual amendments required to the system produced figures. The in-claim reconciliation requirements are also handled. The Subsidy Workbook can be saved as a permanent copy of your submitted claim.

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