HGV Levy Bulletin

Christmas 2020 Edition

Welcome to the Christmas 2020 Edition of the HGV Levy Bulletin

Following the end of the Brexit transition period and regardless of whether a deal is reached with the European Union, from 1 January 2021 hauliers and commercial drivers will need to take action and be prepared.

The HGV Road User Levy In recognition of the critical role hauliers play in keeping the UK running, and the unprecedented nature of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the HGV Road User levy, which applies to all domestic and international heavy goods vehicles of 12 tonnes or more was suspended from the 1 August 2020. This suspension will end on 31 July 2021. The Haulier Handbook The UK Government have published the Haulier Handbook which provides guidance for hauliers and commercial drivers who move goods between Great Britain and the European Union. It outlines what documents will be needed, new rules to manage traffic heading to ports, and new border control processes. The handbook is available in fourteen languages with links at the top right of the webpage. Check an HGV is ready to cross the border Hauliers travelling to the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel will need to use the new Check an HGV is ready to cross the border service which will help you to check you have the correct EU import and commodities documents for the goods you are carrying. It will be compulsory to use this service in order to obtain a Kent Access Permit. Operation Brock From 1 January 2021, there will be new measures to manage traffic flow in the event of disruption to Kent’s road network. These measures are known as “Operation Brock” and will apply to HGVs over 7.5 tonnes if there’s severe disruption to services from the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel. For more information, visit our guidance on Kent traffic Management on the motorway to Dover and Eurotunnel. Information and Advice Sites Hauliers can visit our network of Information and Advice Sites across the UK for advice on how to prepare for the end of the transition period. Support includes multi-lingual in-person advice on new border changes and training on the ‘Check an HGV is ready to cross the border’ service. For more information on requirements specific to road haulage visit gov.uk/transition-haulage and for more general information for businesses and citizens visit gov.uk/transition.

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year

The UK Government appreciates the contribution international hauliers make to the UK economy and the efforts you are making during the current health situation and to comply with new rules around Britain’s exit from the European Union.

May you have a happy close to 2020 and a productive New Year.