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Model the impact of the CTR Scheme with ease

Our CTR Modelling Tool helps you perform quick and accurate analyses when reviewing the options for your local scheme. By modelling the impact of working-age changes while keeping track of fixed costs for your pensioners, you can take an immediate view on affordability and plan for the future with confidence.

Features and benefits

  • Instant scenario modelling to help you respond fast
  • Takes into account future fixed costs, like pensionable age claims
  • Enables you to predict the impact of your future UC caseload
  • Mirrors your back-office set up to ensure changes are deliverable
  • User-friendly spreadsheet which is loaded with your live data

Accurate answers to ‘what if?’ questions

Our CTR Modelling Tool is a cost-effective solution to your planning needs. It extracts your live data to an easy-to-use spreadsheet where you can generate instant answers to a whole range of questions, such as:

  • “What’s the impact of giving a greater discount to people with disabilities?”
  • “What if we were to implement a range of income bands?
  • “What if we were to restrict working-age CTR to council tax Band E or below?”

Unlike third-party solutions, the spreadsheet is built with your data and mirrors your exact policies and procedures. This means that any change that appears affordable is also deliverable, without hidden system costs. And once your preferred scenario is agreed, you can run a trial calculation in the back office before finalising the change.

Be ready for 2022 and beyond

As well as enabling an instant assessment of proposed changes, our CTR Modelling Tool is ideal for longer-term predictions. By factoring in the changing cost of fixed schemes - for example the number of claimants reaching pensionable age - you can get a clear understanding of future commitments. You can also model the impact of future UC take-up as a percentage of the total caseload.

Get started with ease

Once we issue the license key and the pre-built spreadsheet, you can be up and running within hours.

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