Citizen Access

Giving your customers more control

NPS Citizen Access is fully hosted and offers flexible questions. It makes it easy for people to engage online so you can deliver better revenues and benefits services at a lower cost.

Easy, anytime self-service

Fully integrated with NEC Revenues & Benefits and allowing secure access to accurate data, Citizen Access makes it easy for customers, landlords and organisations to check rateable values, report changes in circumstances and even manage their account online. The easy to follow screens accessed from your website capture the right information for reporting all changes in circumstances, from moving house to applying for discounts. The answers given determine the next set of questions to keep all forms quick and simple, and you can tailor the online help content to suit your needs. Customers can also upload evidence as part of the process.

Online forms for Council Tax and Business Rates include:

  • Apply or cancel Discounts.
  • Apply for Disregards.
  • Notify change of name.
  • Notify change of address.
  • Set up or amend Direct Debits for Council Tax and Business Rates.

Online forms for Benefits include:

  • New claim for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction and Second Adult Rebate.
  • Notify change of address.
  • Notify change of circumstances i.e. rent, household or income change.
  • Register and view e-notifications.

Customers get immediate confirmation of the information they have submitted. A PDF document can be saved or printed by the customer as well as exported to your Document Management System.

NPS Citizen Access: easy registration and full integration for all key changes in circumstances.

Authentication made easy

Customers that want to complete more complex tasks, like viewing their latest statements, checking their claim status or setting up eBilling can follow a simple authentication process using information held by the authority. Citizen Access also allows authentication through any corporate Customer Portal account. On the first time of entry, people are asked for personal details already held in NEC Revenues & Benefits. Once this information is verified, they can securely access the full functionality using their Customer Portal logins.

Advanced automation

Citizen Access reduces manual processing at every stage. As well as giving customers quick and easy access to key services, the information provided is automatically validated before the revenues and benefits account updates, cutting out re-keying and keeping the data accurate at all times. You can also provide key contact centre staff with authenticated access, enabling them to help customers locate and update information without the need to access the full Revenues and Benefit system. The login details and the full audit trail is recorded for any customers or Local Authority users updating the system.

Authenticated Citizen Access:

Account enquiries

View installments due

View payments made

Register for eBilling & SMS

Update contact details

View bills and recovery notices

View benefit statements

View benefit claim status

Return on Investment:

We’ve launched a simple Return On Investment calculator for our Citizen Access products. Contact us to find out how much you could save:

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