Citizen Access - Revenues

Citizen Access - Revenues takes self-service to the next stage

Streamline Council Tax, Business Rates and Landlords’ services by enabling customers to do more online.

Advanced self-service

Citizen Access Revenues (CA-R) is a suite of online services that fully integrates with NEC Revenues & Benefits to provide tax and ratepayers with full online access to their accounts.

Allowing people to report changes and take control of their account management helps improve customer service, while real-time integration cuts out re-keying of information.

Easy to use

Accessed from your website, you can tailor the questions – and even the colours – to match your needs and ensure that only essential information is requested.

With a range of authentication options, including through third party corporate customer accounts, CA-R makes it easier than ever for the public to engage online.

"Once implemented and live, our clients are seeing thousands of interactions previously completed through the back office replaced by citizen self service."

~ Nigel Blair, Head of Product Management & Innovation, Northgate Public Services

Next-level automation

Information provided in forms is automatically validated against revenues accounts so you only need to view exceptions. When staff or customers are signed into their accounts, forms are pre-populated with their information to save time.

Evidence uploaded from a PC, tablet or smartphone will automatically update in the back office and integrate with your Document Management System.

The Client Access allows contact centre staff to use CA-R too, enabling them to provide extra support to those who need it without accessing the backoffice, safe in the knowledge that a full audit trail is retained.

"There is also a full audit trail of interactions retained with back office users able to control the level of real time integration."

~ Nigel Blair, Head of Product Management & Innovation, Northgate Public Services

Key benefits:

Easy access to Council Tax & Business Rate services from a PC, tablet or smartphone

Evidence upload from any device

Less paperwork and fewer direct enquiries

Real-time back office integration, avoiding duplication of effort

Faster, more efficient processing of Council Tax, Business Rates and Landlord's transactions

Customise questions, help text and the look & feel to match your needs

Available for changes in circumstances, account management and trusted thirdparties

The right combination

From small district councils to major unitary authorities, our clients have selected Citizen Access Revenues to take their self-service strategy to the next stage:


Covering changes in circumstance, evidence can be uploaded and the back office automatically updated:

■ Council Tax move in/out and within the LA, accommodating empty periods

■ Apply for or change Direct Debits

■ Council Tax applications for or to cancel single person discount

■ Council Tax applications to apply for student discounts and exemptions

■ Council Tax applications to apply for SMI Discounts and exemptions

■ Landlord reporting of changes in domestic tenancies


Simple and secure authentication, including through corporate citizen accounts, allowing for advanced account management anytime:

■ Account summary, transactions, such as balance, next instalment, last payment.

■ Link of accounts to a person or organisation

■ View pdf versions of bills/recovery notices to achieve ebilling

■ Apply for Ebill / SMS Communications

■ Link to payment pages

■ Contact us feature

■ Search for band / rateable value and gross amount payable


Enable staff, including in contact centres, to support customers more effectively without needing to access the back office:

■ Authenticated access to help customers manage transactions or ongoing accounts

■ Back office integration keeps data up to date and accurate

■ Full audit trail available

Also available for Revenues and Benefits

Citizen Access - Benefits and Citizen Access - Landlords are also making a big impact, and you can find out how London Borough of Hounslow has reduced walk-in enquiries by 50%.

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