Citizen Access - Landlords

Transform self-service with Citizen Access - Landlords

Citizen Access makes it easy for landlords to manage housing benefit accounts online, reducing contact and enabling schedules and letters to be viewed 24/7.

Great digital services for landlords

Since its launch in 2018, Citizen Access - Landlords (CA-LL) has been chosen by more than 60 authorities to help them transform self-service. By enabling over 21,000 landlords to view their data online, it’s cutting out the cost of producing paper schedules and notification letters.

CA-LL is web-based, works on any device and is fully integrated with NEC Benefits. This means you can provide secure access to real-time information 24/7, allowing landlords to:

  • View the relevant details of a tenant’s entitlements, next payment or claim status
  • View global payments and download detailed information on payments schedules
  • View notification letters
  • Report changes online with the option to upload documents

The London Borough of Sutton went live with CA-LL in 2018, transferring almost all its users from a previous system. Now, landlords can upload a single file to their rent systems rather than keying in individual payments, and the council can distribute its notification letters online.

“Citizen Access is really easy to use and it’s made a big difference. By giving landlords everything they need online, we’ve cut out the cost of printing and postage and hardly ever get enquiries.”

~Jason Satchell, Revenues & Benefits Operational Manager, London Borough of Sutton.

Huge efficiencies for authorities

CA-LL is web-based, so it needs no new hardware and is always up to date. It’s also easy to customise, so you can match the content and the look and feel to your in-house style. It’s straightforward to set up too; once you create the main account, landlords can create the users themselves, leaving you to realise the benefits:

  • Fewer enquiries
  • Advanced automation, with updates able to suspend a claim
  • No print/post costs as landlord notification letters can be distributed online
  • Automatic suspension of tenants moving, so officers can instantly review any live claims
  • Ability to ‘link’ several landlords to avoid multiple logins

And because CA-LL is fully integrated with the back office, any information provided by landlords is viewable within NEC Benefits in real time.

We even offer a data upload service, which Isle of Wight Council used to automate the initial registration of more than 300 landlords. Here, NEC Benefits creates a file of all the landlords with recent payments and automates the creation of the online accounts.The solution then emails a username and password to each landlord.

“Citizen Access - Landlords has totally changed how we work and the site is really well used. Before, those web hits would have come to us as calls and emails.”

~ Erin Rhodes, Trainee Project Manager, Revenues & Benefits, Isle of Wight Council.

60 customers since 2018 launch

21,000 landlord users

24/7 access from any device

1,000s of hits every week

Also available for Revenues and Benefits

Citizen Access - Benefits and Citizen Access - Revenues are also making a big impact, and you can find out how London Borough of Hounslow has reduced walk-in enquiries by 50%.

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