Citizen Access - FCR

Automate Full Case Reviews with Citizen Access

By combining online reviews with deep automation, Citizen Access can make light work of the DWP’s Housing Benefit Award Accuracy initiative.

Simplify full case reviews (FCRs)

Designed for the Housing Benefit Award Accuracy initiative, Citizen Access - Full Case Reviews (CA-FCR) streamlines the end-to-end process so you are ready for your chosen start date. Without an online, integrated solution, you could be processing paper forms or making phone calls every month. With CA-FCR, you can make secure, online forms available 24/7. Like all Citizen Access solutions, the user-friendly screens work on any device, so it’s simple for claimants, and the real-time integration to NPS Revenues & Benefits keeps it efficient for you.

Easy implementation

Existing Citizen Access customers can enable CA-FCR and be ready within days. Specialist training is available for non Citizen Access customers and covers everything needed to get you live quickly including how to amend question text and add your own commentary.

End-to-end automation

CA-FCR combines an online form with enhanced functionality in NEC Revenues and Benefits, so you can:

  • Easily upload the DWP’s risk files
  • Automatically send appropriate claimants a link to the review form as well as a unique reference key to facilitate authentication
  • Pre-populate each form, so claimants need only agree or amend each section
  • Take completed forms straight into NEC Revenues & Benefits for final checks and then re-calculation
  • Issue reminders and suspend HB awards if no response is received to the initial communication
  • Produce management information on the data held

CA-FCR is configurable, so you can match the look and feel to your current website. You can also set priority rules for the type of communication that works best for your customers. For example, SMS module users can set the priority order as SMS, then email, then letter, depending on the contact details that are held in NEC Revenues & Benefits.

Growing range of solutions

Our Citizen Access solutions are helping more than 113 authorities to provide great digital services across Benefits, Revenues, Landlords, DHP and more. Find out how the London Borough of Hounslow was able to reduce walk-in enquiries by 50% in our case study.

Web-based for easy deployment Simple forms work on any device Configurable to meet your needs Deep integration to automate processes

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