Citizen Access-DHP

Simplify the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) application process with Citizen Access-DHP

Citizen Access-DHP creates a seamless application and award process for customers and councils alike.

Meet growing demand

As the roll out of Universal Credit continues, many councils are reporting a significant increase in applications for discretionary housing payments to help with housing costs. Citizen Access-DHP can make a real difference to this crucial process. The online form can be easily customised to suit individual LA needs and it is intuitive and easy to use for customers and/or approved representatives. As well as slick online forms and easy uploads from any device, it’s got the flexibility you need to streamline all types of support. Applications for ongoing rent payments, deposit assistance or rent in advance can be managed seamlessly and in line with the specific procedures for your local policies. You can hide or display fields to match the information you collect, amend the questions, add new questions and customise the look and feel. You can even use its unique scoring feature to help prioritise urgent cases.

Manage applications more efficiently with Citizen Access-DHP.

Enjoy real-time integration

Unlike other third party solutions, Citizen Access-DHP offers real-time integration with the back office. A dedicated screen in NEC Benefits records the application and the decision, pre-populating data wherever possible. Benefits Officers can also view a summary of income and expense totals and override data where necessary. If the record is linked to a housing benefit claim then even greater information is displayed i.e. their current income and rent details for a comparison. As well as reducing re-keying and assisting users with the decision making the solution integrates with Document Management Solutions. The PDF copy of the DHP form and any associated evidence is stored for future reference in DMS where applicable.

Supports claimants on Housing Benefit or Universal Credit

Provides simple forms that work on any device

Evidence can be uploaded as part of the process

Ability to hide question groups based on type of DHP application

Shortened form available for Scottish LAs

Available online 24/7

Citizen Access Suite

Citizen Access is transforming self-service for more than 80 authorities, opening up 24/7 customer service and reducing phone calls and walk-ins by up to 50%. Also available for Revenues, Benefits and Landlords, you can find out more here.

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