Citizen Access - Campaigns

Citizen Access - Campaigns simplifies Revenues Reviews

With functionality to generate and automate reviews electronically, Citizen Access offers an efficient process to improve council data and audit entitlements.

Tackling reviews with ease and automation

Citizen Access - Campaigns (CA-CAM) allows authorities to identify cases directly from NEC Revenues & Benefits, notify the taxpayer and receive online returns. CA-CAM manages all stages of the process whilst automatically updating accounts with minimal staff resources required. Flexible parameters are provided for the authority to determine the cases for review, allowing you to prioritise according to your local needs. Reminders can be issued until a decision is made to either extend or cancel the award or arrange an inspection.

Easy and intuitive citizen forms

Depending on authority preference, letters, emails or text messages are issued with a secure online key directing citizens to visit the council’s self-serve pages to complete the review. Changes can be captured with easy to use and intuitive digital forms that reflect the type of review being carried out. A standard form allows taxpayers to confirm if the entitlement is still applicable or if it should be removed - for example, if someone else has moved in where a single person discount applies. The form has a similar look and feel to Citizen Access - Revenues, and is highly configurable. Designed with the flexibility for local authorities to tailor questions and offer Welsh translations where appropriate, CA-CAM offers easy configuration to see quick results.

End-to-end automation

Reviews completed online are submitted directly to NEC Revenues & Benefits. Accounts that meet the authority’s processing rules are updated automatically in real time with either the confirmation of entitlement or change in circumstances. This means that staff are only required to focus on dealing with exceptions, reducing processing time and increasing the efficiency of review campaigns. In addition, Citizen Access integrates with Document Management Systems, to automatically store documents and evidence received during the online review.

Reporting made simple

Online screen statistics are provided within NEC Revenues & Benefits to allow managers to report on the success of campaigns based on the information returned. This includes the potential additional revenue raised as a result of cancellations. Download facilities are available to allow this information to be further analysed.

Growing range of solutions

Due to the flexible nature of Citizen Access this module can either be purchased as part of our Citizen Access-Revenues (CA-R) product or as a standalone option. Our Citizen Access solutions are helping more than 100 authorities to provide great digital services for citizens and landlords across revenues and benefits. With web-based forms for easy deployment that work on any device, Citizen Access is highly configurable to meet your needs. The deep integration automates processes saving you time and money. To learn more about the Citizen Access suite, click here.

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