Citizen Access - Benefits

Citizen Access - Benefits streamlining benefits processing

With Citizen Access -Benefits, citizens can apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reductions online, 24/7. With simple forms, full integration to NPS Benefits and the ability to upload evidence from smartphones, the process is fast and efficient for citizens and councils alike.

Making it easier to claim

Citizen Access - Benefits (CA-B) allows citizens to make claims at times convenient to them. It also shortens the application process by only asking questions that are relevant to an individual’s circumstances, and prompting for the completion of mandatory data to ensure claims can be processed without delay. Citizen Access – Benefits is also ‘web responsive’ allowing citizens to claim using their smart phones, for example.

Change in circumstances

Once the citizen has been authenticated by Citizen Access - Benefits, they can use short forms to notify a change in circumstances or a change of address. If required, they are prompted to provide additional information, such as evidence of a change in income or rent.

The new details are updated directly onto the back office benefit claim, and the authority’s staff are alerted that a change has been reported. Back office users can then check the data and re-calculate the claim with no re-keying of data.

Extended access

Trusted organisations can also be given access to Citizen Access – Benefits. This can be particularly useful for housing providers, charities or a council’s customer service staff completing the form on behalf of the claimant. A username and pass code would be entered to provide an audit record of who has completed the online form. The language on the web site also transforms to the third party.

Improved customer service

Citizen Access - Benefits comes with simple questions and on-screen help built in, reducing the need for citizens to contact the council. You can also add further new questions and help text.

Submitting evidence is easier, as it can be uploaded within the form as smart phone images, and scans.

A configurable email confirmation can be sent to remind people how to validate their claim or to provide alternative ways to send the documents.

Cost effective

Citizen Access - Benefits is hosted by NEC, removing the burden of managing upgrades and technology updates in-house.

No hardware or additional software licences are needed, and one live and two test systems are provided as standard. Full training is provided to allow key staff to customise forms or questions to match the authority’s corporate style.

Fully integrated

All data captured in the forms is sent directly into the NEC Benefits back office and a dedicated screen is available which displays a summary of all online forms submitted. Search facilities enable data to be filtered by date range and type i.e. new claim or change in circumstances.

In the back office, the Citizen Access Documents screen highlights online forms instantly to authority staff and a link is provided to the Claims Manager screen to enable the final checks and calculation of the claim. Functionality includes sophisticated address matching which dramatically reduces manual intervention and users are alerted to any data that they need to check on claims that have been submitted online.

A PDF document is generated at the end of the online form submission for the citizen to download and a copy highlighting particular elements, such as backdating requests, is also made available to staff in the back office. There is no need for scanning and printing, with obvious cost reductions.

Key features:

■ Web-based,with ability to link to a corporate ‘Citizen Account’

■ Simple, step-by-step questions developed in line with guidance on Accessibility and Plain English

■ On-screen promptsto guide citizens through the process

■ Optional Eligibility Checker

■ Online forms can be saved by the citizen and retrieved at a later date

■ Data submitted electronically to NPS Benefits and Document Management Systems

■ Full integration with NPS Benefits for new claims and changes in circumstances

■ Option to link with Xantura Risk Based Verification for evidence requirement

■ Display a provisional entitlement to the citizen for HB and also CTR based on the scheme rules you are using in the back office

■ e-notifications available for citizens to view notification letters on-line

Key benefits:

Enables citizens to make claims 24/7

Speeds up processing of new claims and changes in circumstances

Significantly reduces re-keying by pre-populating claim data

Hosted service which reduces cost and administration

Improves information quality by highlighting omissions and errors

Reduces the need to supply paper application forms

Online key can be generated for additional security

Also available for Revenues and Benefits

Citizen Access - Revenues and Citizen Access - Landlords are also making a big impact, and you can find out how London Borough of Hounslow has reduced walk-in enquiries by 50%.

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