Citizen Access - Educational Benefits

Simplify Educational Benefits with Citizen Access

Award free school meals and clothing grants with ease and efficiency.

Meeting the demand

Citizen Access - Education Benefits (CA-ED) allows citizens to apply for free school meals and clothing grants, as well as notifying local authorities of any changes in circumstance. The latest module in the Citizen Access platform adopts the same look and feel as Citizen Access - Benefits (CA-B) and Citizens Access DHP (CA-DHP). The online application form is set up to be highly configurable and is designed with flexibility for local authorities to tailor questions where appropriate.

Integration performing for you

Applications made online are submitted in real time to NEC Revenues & Benefits. Applications that match a Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction claim are automatically processed and awarded. This means local authority staff can focus on more complex cases, increasing the speed and efficiency of application processing. If a previous record for a child does not exist, Citizen Access will prompt you to create a claim using the dependent’s pin number.

An easy approach to changes in circumstance

The online forms allow citizens to easily update their information. Parents and guardians are able to inform councils of a change of address, school, income and more with easy to use and intuitive digital forms.

Reporting and communications made simple

NEC Revenues & Benefits provide a number of automated reports to give information to the local authority, the schools and the education authority regarding education benefits. In addition, local authorities are able to create their own bespoke reports using Business Objects and a new universe has been added for analysis of Citizen Access submissions. Local authorities also have the option to generate letters that are automatically triggered by actions in the system facilitating another means of communication with parents and guardians.

Growing range of solutions

As with all of our Citizen Access solutions, Educational Benefits allows local authorities to amend the text of questions, including adding translations where applicable. You can also add help text and manage the options and lists of values in responses. Our Citizen Access solutions are helping more than 100 authorities to provide great digital services for citizens and landlords across revenues and benefits. With web-based forms for easy deployment that work on any device, Citizen Access is highly configurable to meet your needs. The deep integration automates processes saving you time and money. To learn more about the Citizen Access suite, click here.

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