Brighter Thinking
for Housing



For 25 years, we’ve been helping hundreds of providers around the world to take a fresh approach to housing management.

Every day their work inspires us to do things differently.

We built the first ever self-service, integrated mobile and web-based software for housing. Now we connect you to the data you need to predict outcomes, prevent harm and improve lives.

Whatever the opportunities or challenges, we’ll give you space to innovate and the power to deliver - anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Housing providers need efficient ways to deliver great service and to maximise revenue. But good information is often locked away in separate systems, obscuring the all-important single view.

With NPS Housing you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to see it, because the software is built for the connections you need today and the ones you’ll want tomorrow.

Open and intuitive, it integrates easily with other systems. This lowcost, data-driven approach is what gives you the power to predict, prevent and deliver great services as standard.

Our investment never stops. As part of NEC Corporation we have access to cutting-edge work on biometrics, identity management and smart cities, helping us to take housing innovation to the next stage.

“It won’t be long before smart homes with smart appliances become the norm, which leads to a new world for housing providers. What makes us different is that we can support our customers to be ready for that now.”

Roger Birkinshaw

Housing Director, Northgate Public Services


Great user


Simple, fresh interface designed for any device and any browser, giving you access to information wherever, whenever.



Built-in CRM and self-service makes every interaction faster and better, freeing you up to get proactive.

Truly open


Open connections to other systems to streamline how you work and transform how you deliver.



Aggregate, visualise and interrogate data with ease so you can make the right decision every time.

“We chose NPS Housing to future-proof our services and we can already see the benefits. As well as a great interface and the power to work flexibly we’re planning enhancements that will keep us ahead of the game.”

Will Middleton

IT Implementation and Development Manager, Richmond and Wandsworth Councils

“NPS Housing provides the level of detail we need to get proactive with our customers. By moving to the cloud we can deliver agile working for colleagues too.”

John Paul

IT Director, Anchor


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About Northgate Public Services

We start with understanding your business, then we get to the technology.

It’s an approach that leads to clever software; streamlining processes, saving money and delivering positive change.

Working with the NHS, police forces, housing providers and local authorities, our technologies help deliver better outcomes every day.

Based in the UK but working around the world, our 2,300 employees help improve the services that matter most.

NPS is part of the NEC Corporation, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people worldwide.