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Would you benefit from a bigger Blue Badge team?

We provide end to end services and support for busy Blue Badge teams. We can help you transform customer service, remove backlogs and stay on track while tackling increased applications, staff holidays and more.

Full range of support

We’ve delivered highly efficient Blue Badge services for seven years. This means our team is uniquely placed to provide everything from on-demand processing to fully managed services.

In summer 2019, Hampshire County Council was managing its heaviest ever Blue Badge workload. The team had received thousands more applications than in the previous year, including from the extension of eligibility for hidden disabilities. By mid-February 2020 after just 2 months of processing, we had carried out over 2,000 application reviews and had reduced the average waiting time for an application outcome from more than 12 weeks to just 8 weeks.

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council asked us for support when one of their team had been moved onto secondment and another member of the team was off sick. In less than two weeks we had agreed a process, a contract had been signed and the first blue badge applications were being reviewed.

Lincolnshire County Council called on us for urgent support when they lost their PSN connection. We were able to start processing applications within four hours.

We also deliver a fully managed service for Birmingham City Council. Making use of our leading CMS, this multi-channel service has helped them to transform how they work, speeding up processing by two thirds, reducing complaints by two thirds and reducing their costs by 47%.

We’re providing a managed service for the London Borough of Redbridge too, as they were struggling to replace an experienced in-house team. Just a month after signing the contract, we were up and running; improving applications, appeals and assessments and clearing a backlog of 850 cases within two weeks. After 5 months of delivery of the blue badge service, the Freedom Pass (concessionary travel) service was also added for our team to deliver.

“The NEC team has been phenomenal. They went above and beyond to help us, exceeded the SLA, and worked exactly the way we needed to restore a great service.”

~ Gordon Smith, Head of Blue Badge Service and Enforcement, Hampshire County Council.

No two councils are alike, and we understand the importance of local policies and procedures. Our team works with you to understand your processes and standards so that we can work to high degrees of accuracy, fast.

Working with NEC gives you access to fully-trained assessors and managers who make a difference from day one. You simply cannot achieve that through short-term recruitment.

We can help with:

* Handling all initial queries through a local-code number and dedicated email

* Clearing a backlog of cases

* All forms of data entry and processing, including applications

* Requesting missing information or documentation

* Processing all types of documents, whether paper or electronic

* Desktop assessments in line with your procedures

* Managing credit and debit card payments online and over the phone for GOV.UK

“The speed with which they were able to assist with our 'out of the blue' request was amazing and really helped us maintain the service.”

~ Lincolnshire County Council.

We provide proven end-to-end support, from a powerful CMS and on-demand application processing to fully managed services that deliver great results. KEY BENEFITS INCLUDE:

8 years’ experience managing Blue Badge services

81 customers using our Blue Badge CMS

Cost effective services that help you flex to meet demand

Lower staff costs by avoiding short term recruitment and training

Quick, accurate and sensitive management of applications and enquiries

NEC Software Solutions UK Limited, 1st Floor, iMex Centre, 575-599 Maxted Rd, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7DX

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