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Universe xd

Job Title:

Crime Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Radio Survey Technician, GIS Administrator


NPS xd enables analysts in multiple departments to work as a single team. Data and analyses can be shared both within the force and with other agencies, supporting the most appropriate response to both strategic and tactical issues.


  • To have a central area to import and spatially analyse all data sets regardless of format and type
  • To have interfaces to third party products and external data sets used by other areas of the organisation
  • To have a workspace shared by a selective group of colleagues to ensure data integrity
  • Have the ability to easily share the results of analyses with other areas of the organisation


  • Being able to easily analyse data and publish the results with colleagues in other areas to assist tasking and briefing
  • Being able to import and analyse data from disparate sources
  • Being able to routinely re-run a predefined analysis for comparison to previous time periods

How NPS can help....

xd allows:

  • Data to be created, stored and accessed securely by only allowing permission to specific groups or individuals
  • The ability to spatially review historic incident data to assist with future resourcing schedules in a number of different ways, e.g. Choropleth Analysis, Grid Analysis and Kde Hotspot Analysis
  • Integration to the Organisation’s gazetteer enables immediate access to map locations of interest; for example being able to plot places of worship, schools, ATMs etc in conjunction with historic crime data
  • The ability to query external data sets spatially; for example drawing a polygon around a housing development and being able to return all occupants names within that area when querying Experian’s NameTracer dataset
  • The creation of “evidence packs” for Court

Elevator Pitch:

Originally developed with engagement from the Home Office, NPS Universe xd mapping brings together and analyses a whole range of data on incidents, crime, operational resources and more to present a visual picture of demand that supports improved crime detection and prevention.

Forces can monitor their performance against national and local targets and combine external information, such as demographic profile data, with their own to identify the areas of highest risk and take more effective action.

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