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Universe xc Desktop

Job Title:
Police/Fire/Ambulance Control Room Operator - Call Takers, Dispatchers and Supervisors, Professional Standards (internal)


Interested in visualising a full map view of where incidents are currently located and having the ability to dynamically resource based on a real time picture of deployment and availability


  • To have a solution that makes most efficient use of available resources to ensure the optimum response times to the public.
  • Have a visual picture of the skills of resources available (e.g. Dog Handler)
  • Provide responder safety by having a broader knowledge of the incident location to make appropriate risk assessment


  • Being able to respond effectively and efficiently to time critical incidents
  • Understanding where your resources are located and who is available to attend an incident
  • Being able to provide reassurance to the public that help is on the way

How NPS can help....

xcDesktop allows:

  • The User to easily and intuitively apply mapping layers, with an ability to mark user ‘favourites’ or commonly used, for quick access.
  • Configuration of the road network and officer capabilities to always get the optimum resource and route combination
  • The ability to track vehicles during pursuits and/or centre the map on a specific incident or resource
  • Integration to the Organisation’s gazetteer enables immediate access to map locations of interest; for example being able to plot properties in the vicinity of an incident that hold Firearms licences. This promotes situational awareness and responder safety
  • Filtering of the map on specific resource types
  • Monitoring resource coverage as situation demands
  • The “re-play” of events that occurred at a given point in time to review actions taken.

Elevator Pitch:

Universe xcDesktop mapping provides clear, up to date visualisations of incident and resource data so that control room operators can make informed decisions during dispatch.

As well delivering a fast and efficient response that focuses on the safety of responders and the public, xc also supports effective contingency planning for large events and serious incidents.

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