ASSURE Planning

Advanced automation for high productivity

Achieve more with ASSURE Planning:

  • Process applications in half the time with self service
  • Complete twice as many site visits per day
  • Drive higher-quality submissions
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Future proof software compatible with the digitisation referred to in the White Paper - Planning for the Future.

Transform how you work

ASSURE Planning delivers unprecedented automation. Applications from any source are validated before being taken into ASSURE, meaning you don’t waste time reviewing incomplete applications or correcting simple errors.

Provide great online services

Browser-based and easy to use on any device, ASSURE Planning delivers an exceptional customer experience. Public-facing services can be built in minutes to provide 24/7 access to information and an instant response, helping to streamline consultations and reduce time-consuming phone calls and paperwork.

Automate letters, alerts and more

ASSURE Planning comes with built-in document management and a live connection to OS MasterMap. Errors can be marked up online and returned by email - no printing or postage. In just a few clicks, officers can draw a polygon on a map, add layers of local data and automatically generate letters for all properties within it. It’s great for the public too, who can sign up for automated email alerts about applications relating to a specific ward, boundary, permission type or even a self-drawn area.

Stay one step ahead

ASSURE Planning already delivers digital services proposed under the White Paper - Planning for the Future. It integrates easily with third party systems to deliver seamless, future-proof services. By connecting finance systems you can manage variable fees and payments without rekeying. You can even connect 3D modelling services and promote revenue-generating services like pre-application advice.

Discover the benefits of ASSURE in your area:

  • Browser-based and cloud ready
  • Any-device working plus specialist apps
  • Built-in document management
  • Advanced self-service
  • Options for mapping including live connection to Ordnance Survey Map APIs
  • Smart scheduling and configurable workflow

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH Manage all aspects of regulatory services, with seamless online reporting and automated workflows.

LICENSING Process renewals and resubmissions automatically, with no manual input.

PRIVATE SECTOR HOUSING Manage all kinds of schemes more effectively, automate correspondence and go mobile.

TRADING STANDARDS Get a complete view of activity and a real-time connection to Citizens Advice referrals.

BUILDING CONTROL Deliver same-day turnaround and use the mobile app to transform productivity.

LAND CHARGES Streamline searches and automate document production.

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