ASSURE Land Charges

Make light work of searches, registers and more

Achieve more with ASSURE Land Charges:

  • Deliver a great customer experience, 24/7
  • Automate time-consuming processes
  • Offer value-added online services
  • Collaborate efficiently with colleagues

Transform your service

ASSURE Land Charges streamlines the end to end management of all searches and registers. Covering Con29, LLC1 (including the HM Land Registry interface) and Personal Searches, its familiar, browser-based interface helps you process requests, log updates and take payments quickly and efficiently.

Get a complete view, with live mapping

ASSURE comes with a real-time connection to OS MasterMap. This cuts out time-consuming updates and enables you to answer common questions in seconds. By selecting a property or area and overlaying all kinds of local data - on flood plains, historic buildings and more - you can get an accurate picture in one place.

Offer a great online experience

With ASSURE, you can create and configure public-facing services in minutes. So you can offer 24/7 customer service on any device and significantly reduce manual effort. With a single source of address data at the heart of the solution, you can prepare all kinds of value-added information for potential customers, from the name of the local councillor to the refuse collection day. You can even offer online self-service for conveyancers.

Eliminate manual processes

ASSURE’s deep integration, configurable workflow and built-in document management system makes light work of all kinds of task. Easy connections to National Land Information Service, to back-office payment platforms and with Planning and Building Control systems mean information flows freely and without manual updates. We have a simple HM Land Registry connector too. You can generate pre-populated letters in just a few clicks and where information is available spatially, answer questions in seconds. Clear dashboards let you view and allocate tasks at the touch of a button.

Discover the benefits of ASSURE in your area:

  • Browser-based and cloud ready
  • Any-device working plus specialist apps
  • Built-in document management
  • Advanced self-service
  • Options for mapping including live connection to Ordnance Survey Map APIs
  • Smart scheduling and configurable workflow

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH Manage all aspects of regulatory services, with seamless online reporting and automated workflows.

LICENSING Process renewals and resubmissions automatically, with no manual input.

PRIVATE SECTOR HOUSING Manage all kinds of schemes more effectively, automate correspondence and go mobile.

TRADING STANDARDS Get a complete view of activity and a real-time connection to Citizens Advice referrals.

BUILDING CONTROL Deliver same-day turnaround and use the mobile app to transform productivity.

PLANNING Process applications in half the time or load Planning Portal applications straight into ASSURE.

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