Smart software for environment and planning

ASSURE automates transactions, applications and inspections for a better customer experience

Achieve more with ASSURE

  • Work anywhere, on any device
  • Build public-facing services in minutes
  • Increase productivity by up to 70%
  • Drive higher-quality submissions
  • Reduce print and post costs
  • Enjoy real-time OS MasterMap data

Create seamless online services

Each web-based solution has a fresh look and feel that works seamlessly on any device, anywhere, and it’s easily customised too. By making it easy for customers to apply, upload documents or check progress online, you can reduce your costs and keep skilled staff focused on what matters.

Get a quick return on investment

With a complete view of activity and mobile apps that work on and offline, you get instant access to information. By working smarter in the field and resolving more queries at first contact, tasks can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Automate key processes

Applications are validated at the point of entry. This means the majority of submissions need no manual intervention at all. You only review around 30% of them and can simply advise customers how to correct mistakes themselves online. There’s a real-time connection to OS mapping too, so you can complete even time-consuming activities - like generating letters for a specific location - at the touch of a button.

Stay flexible with easy integration

The mobile and self-service apps enjoy direct integration into ASSURE. Built-in electronic document management also enables drawings, photos and video files to be marked-up online, making information available instantly.

Make your data work for you

ASSURE comes with standard, statutory and ad-hoc reporting, allowing you to make the most of your rich database and prioritise your workload.

Discover the benefits of ASSURE in your area:

  • Browser-based and cloud ready
  • Any-device working plus specialist apps
  • Built-in document management
  • Advanced self-service
  • Options for mapping including live connection to Ordnance Survey Map APIs
  • Smart scheduling and configurable workflow

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH Manage all aspects of regulatory services, with seamless online reporting and automated workflows.

LICENSING Process renewals and resubmissions automatically, with no manual input.

PRIVATE SECTOR HOUSING Manage all kinds of schemes more effectively, automate correspondence and go mobile.

TRADING STANDARDS Get a complete view of activity and a real-time connection to Citizens Advice referrals.

BUILDING CONTROL Deliver same-day turnaround and use the mobile app to transform productivity.

PLANNING Process applications in half the time or load Planning Portal applications straight into ASSURE.

LAND CHARGES Streamline searches and automate document production.

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