Meet the NPS Housing Australia and New Zealand Team

After working in Social Housing for 4 years, I made the leap to IT and joined the Operations Team at NPS in June 2016. The following year I was given the chance to combine my knowledge of Housing and my knack for problem solving (I love a good puzzle book) for what was meant to be a brief stint in the Support Team. I was soon offered a permanent position in the team, which I eagerly accepted and I have been absolutely loving it ever since.

What I love about my job:

Every day presents a new challenge and infinite learning opportunities

  • Collaborating with all teams across NPS (local, interstate and across the pond)
  • Working alongside our customer counterparts, solving the world’s problems, one ticket at a time
  • Devising new, innovative ideas for our team to provide a better service and assist our customers

When I am not sitting behind a computer screen, or trapped inside due to a global pandemic, I enjoy spending my time camping in the great outdoors. I dabble in a bit of dirt bike riding, tree house building and archery and I am also an avid NRL Roosters supporter. However my biggest passions in life by far are food and music. Nothing makes me happier in this world than a belly full of delicious food and singing and dancing along to a good band.

Claire Taylor _________________________________________

Applications Support Team Lead

Hi everyone! I’m originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2015 and made it my new home. I started my working career in the cinema industry and worked my way through the ranks from the work experience kid to becoming a manager. I eventually decided to leave the industry as I couldn’t stand the smell of popcorn anymore (I have not eaten it since!). I made the move to Social Housing and I’ve never regretted it. Having a part in helping people drives me. Things I love FOOD and more FOOD Things I loathe People calling me Sam (due to my surname) but I still answer to Sam. Did you know? At high school I used to play the trumpet! Craig Sambrook _____________________________________ Applications Support Team Lead


I’m Galen and I’m super new to the team! I have over a decade of retail experience as well as some experience in management, training, finance and planning - customer service is somewhat a given at this point. Joining the NPS Support team has been quite the change of scenery. It's been challenging but also very interesting as I’ve had a chance to exercise the ol’ noggin a little more than I used to which I’m all for doing. As for personal interests, I’m an avid baker of all kinds particularly sweets, pastries, cakes and breads. Recently I’ve gotten into the outdoors with kayaking and hiking with plans to visit the eight surrounding mountains of Sydney on my bucket list! Some quirks of mine include the use of pronouns like lad, lass or pups in my day to day speech. Galen Chou

__________________________________ Support Team

I joined NPS 6 years ago as a technical consultant and now work as an Operations and Support Manager managing a team of 8 consultants across the Support and Operations teams. In my 14 years of IT experience, I have managed several clients and projects across the globe. I am passionate about my work and always look for innovations and new techniques. I like to explore Microsoft Excel in my free time. My friends and family describe me as being cool, calm and composed. To me, indigo looks like purple, which looks like magenta, but I am actually visualising maroon, or is it violet? So, you know now what I am talking about. Lockdown is easier to handle for me than this colour crisis. Things I love Spending time with my wife and two kids Every aspect related to cricket; Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni are my favourite players Watching Penn and Teller and WWE Things I loathe People misspelling my name Wet towel left on my bed When I am singing a song and someone corrects me. I am like’s called freestyling! Did you know? I have organised a funeral for a mosquito and read its eulogy I am a vegetarian. However I ate pepperoni pizza thinking pepperoni is a mixture of green, red and yellow peppers I am an aquarian. I absolutely love swimming and I have a pet dolphin as seen in the picture

Jimit Shah _________________________________________ Operations and Support Manager ANZ

I joined NPS a year ago with almost 10 years of experience in the IT sector. The thing I like most about being a part of the support team at NPS are the challenges I come across every day and constant learning about product. No two days are the same and every day is new challenge with the opportunity to learn and improve myself. I have always enjoyed helping customers and working with NPS teams to implement/upgrade to the latest customer environment by collaborating with colleagues. All with the ultimate goal of improving and learning something new in the process. For me each day presents new puzzles and new challenges to solve and I get to do it alongside a world-class team! As for a bit about myself personally, I love cooking, spending time with family (especially my little one) and traveling to experience new adventures wherever life may lead me. Swati Der

____________________________________ Application Support Consultant