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Adult Social Care Financial Assessment Reviews

By ensuring that care packages are based on accurate income assessments we can help you reduce your costs and provide exactly the right support to citizens.

Proactive assessment

With resources so stretched, very few local authorities have the capacity to conduct full reviews on existing financial assessments. As a result, existing social care packages based on incorrect income details become an unnecessary strain on local authority finances.

Our review service checks the income held in each existing assessment against real time data from the DWP Searchlight database to ensure financial assessments are based on the most up to date income details.

To drive further cost savings for the local authority, we identify citizens not claiming their full benefit entitlement and assist them to claim the additional support. We then confirm or recalculate the care package with the correct information.

For Walsall Council we assessed more than 1,000 care packages, identifying additional entitlements in 502 cases, helping the Council to benefit from savings of over £718,000.

By recalculating more than 1,000 care packages, Walsall Council expects to save £718,000 in the next 12 months.

How it works

Led by an experienced adult social care manager, our reviews are delivered over 12 weeks, with the review of existing assessments delivered within the first month. This enables us to maximise the number of citizens making applications for the additional benefits they may be entitled to, whilst increasing the financial savings for local authorities.

  1. We review the income declarations in all existing financial assessments against DWP Searchlight records, recalculating care packages and updating all necessary systems.
  2. We send letters to citizens, advocates or those with power of attorney where a possible benefit entitlement is identified. We follow up by phone after 14 days to check receipt and offer support. We also provide a staffed helpline and email inbox throughout the project to deal with queries generated by the review.
  3. Where opportunities to maximise benefit are identified, we carry out a second review of the income detail held in Searchlight to determine whether citizens have made the necessary applications.
  4. Where new awards have been made, we recalculate the financial assessment using the revised income details.
  5. Where no application has been made or only an interest is showing, we schedule these cases for a final review, after which we make any final updates before reporting back on cases that require further follow-up.

For Walsall Council, it’s been a fast and efficient route to an improved service:

“Having up to date income records has enabled us to deliver the right financial support, improve our data and encourage hundreds of people to apply for benefits. By taking a proactive approach with NPS to checking entitlement we are on track to save more than £710,000 per year.”

~ Mark Fearn, Programme Leader, Walsall Council

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